Async is $5/user/month. That's it.

Unlimited Chats

Synchronous conversations for urgent or transient matters. Create an unlimited number of Chats. Each Chat preserves 12 months of message history.

Unlimited Discussions

Asynchronous conversations for plans and ideas that require deep thinking. Get an unlimited number and history for active and archived Discussions.

Up to 25 Team Members per Team

Async is designed for small-to-mid size teams. If you have a large team, you are encouraged to create multiple small teams within your account. File storage is limited to 10GB per team.

Split your communication into urgent and non-urgent.

Address urgent issues with Chats. Have deep conversations and save important knowledge with Discussions.

Keep your data private.

Async has no tracking or analytics. Async does not analyze or access your data in any way.

30-day free trial, no credit card required