Project management and team communication for your Github repos

Async is a one-of-a-kind team communication and project management tool for software engineers.
Tightly integrated with Github, Async allows you to manage any number of private and public Github repos.

Project management built by software engineers for software engineers.

  • We built Async (using Async!) because we needed a developer-focused project management tool that seamlessly integrates with all of our public and private Github repos.
  • With Async, Github data is the single source of truth.
  • Track all issues and pull requests with Hill Charts; and create Discussions, Standups, and a Knowledge Base to communicate with your team (full support of Markdown).
  • Unlike Slack and other chat applications, Async encourages long-form, thread-based, asynchronous communication that enables your engineering team to achieve deep and focused work.
  • Async is built by a small, remote, and self-funded team.

  • Our team has built Builder Book, SaaS boilerplate, and Async.

  • Delgermurun Purevkhuu

    Delgermurun Purevkhuu
    Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

    Del is a back-end developer. He has built many production-ready web apps with JavaScript and Python.

    Kelly Burke

    Kelly Burke
    Washington, USA

    Kelly is a front-end developer. She likes using React and Material Design and enjoys solving UX problems.

    Timur Zhiyentayev

    Timur Zhiyentayev
    Washington, USA

    Tima is a full-stack JavaScript web developer. He likes learning any technology that improves end-user experience.

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