Where software engineers achieve deep work and build great software

Async is a one-of-a-kind communication and project management tool for software engineers to have deep, uninterrupted work.
It's a calmer, engineer-focused Slack alternative that integrates with your public and private repos on Github.

Projects: discuss and build software efficiently.

  • Use Hill Charts to track issues and see where projects actually stand: issues before the Peak are being discussed, issues after the Peak are being executed.
  • Help unblock your engineers by knowing which issues need more discussion before your team is ready to build.
  • Projects on Async stay in sync with your repos on Github.
  • Standups: organize your tasks and see what others are working on.

  • Standups help your engineers share what they've accomplished today and what they plan to do tomorrow.
  • Engineers can review each other's work, collaborate, and get a high-level view of the team's progress.
  • Knowledge: effortlessly build your team's knowledge base.

  • When you need to save important information from your discussions and projects, quickly add it to your team's knowledge base.
  • Every knowledge post is editable by your team members, so information is collaborative and up to date.
  • Discussions: asynchronous threads to have focused and deep conversations.

  • Allow your engineers to work without interruption by encouraging long-form, asynchronrous discussions. No real-time chat.
  • Easily reference and autofill team member usernames (@), recent commits (#), discussions ($) and knowledge posts (%).
  • Full support of Markdown for all communication in Async.
  • You own your data. It's safe with us.

  • We respect your privacy and will never sell your personal information to third parties.
  • We may use third party processors to process or access some of your personal information.
  • Third party processors are: Github, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Stripe, Google Analytics, Mailchimp.
  • We won’t share your data with law enforcement unless a court order requires us to.
  • All data transmitted from our servers to your browser is encrypted via SSL/TLS. Database backups and AWS S3 buckets are also encrypted.
  • You own your data. You can export all of your data in JSON format and delete your account at any time.
  • When you delete your account, all of your data will be deleted from our databases within 30 days.
  • Any data that you delete permanently while using Async (for example, a Discussion) is permanently deleted from our database.

  • Async is built by a small, remote, and self-funded team.

  • We're software engineers and have built Builder Book, SaaS boilerplate, and Async. We built Async because we wanted better Slack alternatives for engineering teams.

  • Delgermurun Purevkhuu

    Delgermurun Purevkhuu
    Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

    Del is a back-end developer. He has built many production-ready web apps with JavaScript and Python.

    Kelly Burke

    Kelly Burke
    Washington, USA

    Kelly is a front-end developer. She likes using React and Material Design and enjoys solving UX problems.

    Timur Zhiyentayev

    Timur Zhiyentayev
    Washington, USA

    Tima is a full-stack JavaScript web developer. He likes learning any technology that improves end-user experience.

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