Async: Split your remote team's communication into urgent and non-urgent.

Team communication apps can be distracting. You see a list of unread conversations, and you don't know what is urgent or not. You waste time checking every notification as it appears.

Async is a team communication web app that separates urgent conversations (Chats) from non-urgent conversations (Discussions). Minimize distractions for your team by isolating conversations that need immediate attention from conversations that can wait for deeper thinking.

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Choose between 2 styles of team communication to reduce distractions.

Async includes Chats, for urgent communication, and Discussions, for non-urgent communication, in one web application. When you see an unread Chat, you know a teammate needs your immediate attention. When you see an unread Discussion, you can wait to reply until you have uninterrupted time to think.

Chats are for urgent conversations.

Chats are for synchronous communication about urgent issues or quick questions and thoughts. Chats are transient and meant to resolve a problem or question right away.

Use Chats when:

  • Your website is down.
  • You need to fix a critical bug in your product.
  • You need to ask your teammate a simple question.
  • You need to make a quick decision with your team.

Use Chats on mobile browser when you are away from your computer and need to check on an urgent issue.

Discussions are for non-urgent conversations.

Discussions are for asynchronous communication about issues that require deep thinking. Discussions are meant to be saved for future reference. They allow your team members to research and give thoughtful replies.

Use Discussions when:

  • Your team is planning your next product release.
  • Your team is brainstorming a new feature.
  • You are writing a technical article with a teammate.
  • You want to save a list of documents, learning resources, or company policies.

Discussions consist of Comments, where you can write with Markdown, preview your content, and include attachments.

Built for teams who want to stay organized and keep their data private. Async does not track, analyze or access your data in any way.

Async is for small teams who enjoy focused work and written communication. Features are simple, and we plan to keep them that way. Async uses zero tracking tools - no analytics, no diagnostics, no error reporting. Your use of Async is private and will never be shared with third parties.

30-day free trial, no credit card required