Our story

Kelly & Timur (business owners) with Grizzly

  • We are former scientists with PhD and MS degrees in chemistry and biology. Shortly after academia, we taught ourselves how to code. Kelly is a frontend and Timur is a full-stack web developer. Together, we've built over a dozen software projects for ourselves and our clients.
  • In the past, we founded VC-funded software companies. In the most recent company, Drizzle (paywall software), we were break even with 2 employees but ultimately shut down the company. Since then, we've self funded Async and all of our open source projects.
  • We wrote a popular (and profitable) web development book and became active in open source.
  • Our SaaS boilerplate is a popular open source project for engineers who want to build a SaaS web application using full-stack JS. Both SaaS boilerplate and our book provides us with a steady stream of clients who need our help with custom web development.
  • In 2018, we released our internal team communication tool: Async. We successfully built numerous software projects for ourselves and our clients using Async. In every project, Async helped us stay focused, calm, and healthy.
  • We've lived in big cities and tech hubs but ultimately settled in the beautiful Pend Oreille county of Northeastern Washington.
  • We enjoy working from home, hiking, cooking and playing with our 2 dogs.

  • Delgermurun (first employee) and his family

  • I'm a back-end developer. I studied software engineering in college and have nearly 10 years of experience building web apps with Python and JavaScript.
  • Before joining Async, I developed CMS, eCommerce, and various types of SaaS applications.
  • I am active in open source and have contributed significantly to Builder Book and SaaS boilerplate.
  • I live in Mongolia. I enjoy working remotely and spending time with my wife and 2 children.

  • Hatchet and Grizzly

  • Hatchet (left) and Grizzly (right) are our first pups. They are both German and Czech Shepherd mixes.
  • Grizz and Hatchet are currently therapy dogs and responsible for Kelly and Timur's breaks for fun time and hikes.
  • They are being trained to become protective guard dogs.
  • They were the runts of their litters, but with the help of their parents and a raw diet, they quickly caught up with their siblings.