SaaS boilerplate - build your own SaaS business in no time

Open source boilerplate app to build your own SaaS product.
We keep the app up-to-date with the latest versions of all dependencies.


  • done User authentication with Google, cookie, and session.
  • done Production-ready Express server with compression, parser, and helmet.
  • done Transactional emails (AWS SES): welcome, team invitation, and payment.
  • done Adding email addresses to newsletter lists (Mailchimp).
  • done File upload, load, and deletion (AWS S3) with pre-signed request for:
  • Posts, Team Profile, and User Profile.
  • done Team creation, Team Member invitation, and settings for Team and User.
  • done Opinionated architecture:
    • keeping babel and webpack configurations under the hood,
    • striving to minimize number of configurations,
    • withAuth HOC to pass user prop and control user access to pages,
    • withLayout HOC for shared layout and to pass additional data to pages,
    • withStore HOC, developer-friendly state management with MobX,
    • server-side rendering with Material-UI,
    • model-specific components in addition to common components.
  • done Universally-available environmental variables at runtime.
  • done Server-side environmental variables managed with dotenv.
  • done Custom logger (configure what not to print in production).
  • done Useful components for any web app:
  • ActiveLink, AutoComplete, Confirm, Notifier, MenuWithLinks, etc.
  • done Analytics with Google Analytics.
  • done Production-ready, scalable architecture.
  • done Subscriptions with Stripe:
    • subscribe/unsubscribe Team to plan,
    • update card information,
    • verified Stripe webhook for failed payment for subscription.

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Delgermurun Purevkhuu

Delgermurun Purevkhuu
Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Del is a back-end developer. He has built many production-ready web apps with JavaScript and Python.

Kelly Burke

Kelly Burke
Washington, USA

Kelly is a front-end developer. She likes using React and Material Design and enjoys solving UX problems.

Timur Zhiyentayev

Timur Zhiyentayev
Washington, USA

Tima is a full-stack JavaScript web developer. He likes learning any technology that improves end-user experience.

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