Issues help you track the status of Github issues and pull requests

  • It's not Waterfall and it's not Agile. It's a Hill.
  • Be it a new feature or bug - you need to thoroughly discuss it, agree on specs, and code without interruptions. An Issue that is Uphill (before the Peak) is being discussed. At the Peak, discussion is over and your team has agreed on the specs. A Downhill Issue (after the Peak) is being executed, without interruption from discussions, by the assigned team member.
  • As a product manager or team leader, you instantly know which Issues need your attention. Help unblock your engineers by knowing which Github issues and pull requests need more discussion before your team is ready to code.
  • As an engineer or team member, you instantly know which Issues are ready for execution and which issues require a focused discussion.
  • Github is your single source of truth for data. Whether you work in Github or Async - you don't need to worry about data consistency.
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