About us

Team communication is still hard. As your team gets bigger, it becomes harder to figure out what is urgent and what is not. Async, unlike other tools, draws a line to separate urgent and non-urgent communication:

  • We maintain two popular repos (combined: close to 6000 stars and 1000 unique visitors per week).
  • We built and maintain the most popular JS/TS SaaS boilerplate.
  • We built over a dozen SaaS web applications in the last 7 years and participated in one of the top three startup accelerators (Techstars).
  • We sell two web development books with well above ramen profitability and only <3% refund rate.
  • We run Async Labs service that is well above ramen profitable and has more customers than we have time.
  • We built Async and currently run it as a ramen-profitable SaaS business.